About Us

Welcome to The Complete Planner Pty Ltd.

We are a privately owned, Melbourne based, boutique financial planning dealer group, operated by advisers for advisers. With over 90 years of industry experience, we have operated an established, profitable business for the last 14 years. This mix of industry knowledge and business acumen makes us the perfect choice.

By joining The Complete Planner Pty Ltd, experienced financial planners like you will benefit from a friendly and family-oriented approach where you will be fully supported to grow your business and reach your career goals. Our approachable and diverse team will support you to generate creative and tailored business solutions.

As a client, you will be confident in our financial advisers and will experience our friendly, professional and values driven approach, together we can achieve your business and financial goals.

Our Values

We value our people
The Complete Planner will support you and listen to your needs.

We value honesty and integrity
Our advisers epitomise a sincere, honest and professional approach to business.

We value ethics
Our ethical approach to financial planning is based on Code of Ethics outlined by FASEA Standards.
1. Ethical behaviour
2. Client Care
3. Quality Process
4. Professional Commitment

To find out more about FASEA Code of Ethics &12 standards please click on the link below.

We value charity
The Complete Planner Pty Ltd makes regular contributions to its chosen charities to be of service and give back to the community.

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